Shall we eat, drink and rest please???

Shall we eat, drink and rest please??? “Hello Akorfa, how many bottles of water have you drank today?” This is how my Dad greets me on the other of the phone anytime he gives me a phone call. Now, let me ask you. Have you drunk water today? Have you had enough rest recently? What of a good meal?

I’ve been careless about taking care of myself until a few weeks ago when I fell really ill. I went to bed one Friday feeling so well, only for me to wake up the next morning to feel so dizzy. I couldn’t see clearly. I couldn’t carry myself to the bathroom. I felt so weak. Sadly enough, I was alone, with no one around to help me out. So I sat on the floor for a while until I thought I could move, then I did. I looked for the blood tonic my mum gave me the last time I visited home, then I took a dose of the blood tonic. I went to the hospital as well and I started taking my medication.

All this while, I was constantly asking myself how I got this ill. Anytime I had a conversation with myself about this sickness, I concluded that, I had ignored my health needs for a long time and I was now paying the price. We all have great plans which require us to put in a lot of smart work. Some of our plans require that, we are constantly up and doing. In a bid to become achievers, we might ignore our personal needs. In those two weeks when I fell ill, I could feel how badly I had treated my body in a long while.

I’ve made some changes to respond to my health needs. Let me share some with you. I’ve installed an app that reminds me to drink water at specific times of the day, I carry cloves water with me, which I drink as well. According to Google, Cloves are recommended to treat coughs, flatulence, inflammation, tooth aches, bronchitis, and also to help lose weight since cloves improve digestion, making weight loss easier. Now let’s talk about food!! What are food do you enjoy most? My favorite foods are fufu, banku and kenkey. Whenever I see these foods, my appetite increases, so recently, I try to cook or buy more of these foods.

How do you avoid distractions in order to have adequate rest? For me, I put away all distractions like my phone so I can have a good rest when I need it. You remember that refreshing feeling after having some good rest?? That feeling is everything. Have you ignored your health needs too? Please pause, drink enough water, have a good meal and rest because your body needs it.

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