National Service – Yes! Let’s gooo.

It’s been a year already! How time flies!

Ghanaian students who graduate from accredited tertiary institutions are required under law to do a one-year national service to the country. Founded in 1973, the National Service scheme, aims at encouraging the spirit of national service among all segments of Ghanaian society in the effort of nation-building through active participation. Each month of that year, National Service Personnel are given allowances by their employers.

In my last semester in the university, I was working a part time job. All I was waiting for was to write my last exam in May so I could finally work full time with the company. I decided to do my national service with them. The only thing I had to do was to formally request from the National service secretariat that I am posted to my current company with valid documents as proof that, the employers were ready to employ me. I had started the process already. It was hectic o  but your girl heard determination conquers all so she stayed motivated, getting ready for national service.

My dad suggested on several occasions that I rescind this decision but I was too convinced about this company. At least the money was good and I was learning so much in the logistics industry I wanted to stay and learn more.

But! Can you imagine all my plans to do my service at that company didn’t see the light of day? After my final paper, my friend, Dela and I went to get some ice-cream. We sat on one of the ‘lovers’ bench in our hall, took some pictures and had a long chat. Then we went to rest in our rooms. Back to our rooms, we each received a message inviting us to a meeting with our Chinese Coordinator. Already, there was a rumor that we were going to be asked to work in the department. But we ignored those rumors. We were all tensed up on our way to that meeting.

Guess what we discussed at the meeting 😀After the meeting that day, I went back to my room, sat on my bed and counted my loss. I knew I was going to be paid less than I was already taking. I was going to miss out on all the experiences my current company had to offer. I was going to miss all my coworkers. Some of my plans might not be able to come through.

Then I convinced myself that, working at the Modern Languages department will also be exciting if I decide to make it so. I picked up my phone and informed my parents about the new development. You know my Dad’s reaction, already right? He was so happy! As for my mum, she was excited 😀 Her daughter was going to be a teaching assistant 😀

But I was still sad. I really had plans and I knew I had to draft a new plan to suit this change.

We had our sendoff party last week and as I sat to reminiscence all that has happened in the past year, I’m glad I did my national service at the Chinese section of the Modern Languages department of the University of Ghana.

I will miss my students, my fellow teaching assistants and all the lecturers I worked with. You know this can’t be a summary of my experiences from the past year right? I have another national service story to share with you. You might learn a thing or two. Guess what happened on my first day of service. Stay tuned for an update on my national service experience in my next post!

Do you know a national service personnel? Are you preparing to do your service? Have you been posted to your station already? You don’t like your posting? What’s your national service story? We will like to hear from you in the comment section!


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