Hidden Love

In almost all the essays and self introduction questions I answered in basic school, reading and writing were the two hobbies I often stated.

These days, the list of my hobbies have increased. Some come with a strong love, others too develop as a result of consistent practice.

It’s been 3 months since I fell in love with nature photography. Using my Huawei Y9 to take beautiful pictures of the skies and nature. To make this narration accurate, I checked my camera pictures for the date of my first nature photography. It was in September!

It was a hot afternoon and my first time of using the Madina footbridge. My walk on the bridge seemed shorter than I anticipated. So I stood on the bridge and admired the view of the city. I took 3 beautiful pictures of the skies and the moving cars that day. Later in the evening, I shared one of the pictures on my whatsapp status and I asked my contacts to identify the location where I took the shot. I got interesting responses and so when I saw the skies the following day, I decided to take pictures of it again.

That is how the skies keep captivating me each time until I take a good shot of it. Are you a lover of nature photography? I hear there’s rural photography. Do you like it too? What of birthday photoshoots? Or you just love everything about photography? Tell me what kind of photography you enjoy the most.

I’ve come to enjoy designing flyers and posters too! Who is ready to know how I got this hobby? Okay!

So I’ve always been a lover of art. From fashion to drama to music and back to art☺️

When I started managing Spring-UP Global Network, the NGO I founded this year which focuses on enhancing quality education in orphanages and underprivileged schools, I quickly felt deficient in a lot of areas. I needed to share flyers to publicize what Spring-UP Global Network and everything we stand for. But I had no clue of how a flyer design was made and I knew no one who could volunteer to design them at no fee. I contacted some designers but the cost for contracting a professional designer is not friendly for a non-profit organization.

When I could find no one to help, I had to do it by myself.

My friend, Taina who is the president of an NGO too, came to rescue. Her NGO, The Shrewd Foundation has a vision to eradicate streetism. Taina recommended some apps to me. Each time I used the apps, I send my designs to her for her candid opinion and advice. Till date, I still do and she keeps giving me her honest thoughts on my designs and how I could make them better.

I got other apps from social media. Sometimes, my friends on Instagram and Twitter recommend the apps they used for their posters and flyers and I quickly search for such apps and add them to my downloads.

Canva still remains my go to app any day! As for logopit and Photoshop Express I’m still finding it difficult to understand how to manipulate the templates. I’m still on the lookout for more apps to help me in my journey to great at graphic designing.

Do you design too? Which app would you recommend to a friend who knows little to nothing about graphic designing?

For now I can list reading, writing, photography and  designing of flyers as my hobbies. Photography and designing of flyers are my hidden love. What are your hobbies? Which of them are you now discovering? Do you have a hidden love?

Which is your hidden love?

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