My name is Akorfa. In the Ewe language, Akorfa means Solace. I do my best to bring peace and calm wherever I go. Why? I’m living up to my name!! Yess!! You will name your daughter Akorfa won’t you? 😉Reading and writing has always given me a sense of excitement so I enjoy  subjects that require a lot of reading. Harry Potter was one of my favorite books in primary school. When school closes, I will go to fetch water, sweep the rooms then lay on the floor (my favorite reading position) and read my book. Reading and writing keeps me company.

Recently, I read Americanah, written by Chimamanda Adichie. That is where I got the inspiration and zeal to start this blog. Ifemelu, the lead character in the Americanah story blogged about racism in America when she traveled to America and when she later returned to Lagos, she had another blog on “The Small Redemptions of Lagos”. I relate  with Ifemelu in so many ways and writing is one of them although I am still learning.


There was fear when I decided to start this blog. I had so many questions; is it a good idea? will it be accepted? What if I run out of topics? But I started anyway😎. After my first post titled my little left hand you gave me more courage to continue this journey. Thank you! Your comments were heartwarming, insightful and very much appreciated.


I had a very dramatic childhood and so I enjoy issues related to the child. Once upon a time when I was playing with my friends from the neighborhood, I lost my two upper incisors. Oh I still remember the pain. At that moment, all of my fear  was whether those two upper incisors would be replaced or not. I was scared! Little me was scared, I didn’t want to have to grow up without my two upper incisors. Thank goodness for my grandpa, we all call him Tata. Tata fixed cotton wool in my mouth to absorb the oozing blood. Then came the important aspect; encouragement! Tata encouraged me. He told me that my incisors were just lost for a short while but they will grow back soon. I believed him and my teeth grew again. Thank goodness! But my new replacement did not look like my lost incisors. These new ones were broader and more protruding! Sometimes, I would ask myself: “what is this”? Other times I would force to push those teeth back in shape (funny me).  My parents told me everything will be fine with time so I had to accept it. Today, it is better although I still feel it would have been different if I didn’t go to play that day. haha!


I’m grateful for those words of encouragement from Tata that day. They gave me hope that all was not lost. I believe that in most or all circumstances, there must be a solution. I believe you also have pressing societal issues you would want to discuss. Together, we can do that here. Let us identify our societal problems and discuss the solutions here.

There are a number of societal issues we rarely discuss in Ghana; they are our little Big Issues. Let’s discuss them here. I look forward to getting interactive with you! Let me know what issues you want to read about here! Your comments are much appreciated. Cheers!

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