University admissions are out. Freshmen are getting set to read a variety of programs; the feeling can be great or disappointing.

In my first year at the University of Ghana, I was disappointed in myself for being offered Geography, Sociology and Chinese for my undergraduate…Don’t blame me o, at least most people I met on campus made me feel mediocre. You’ll hear someone say, ‘ah! So what will you use the Chinese for?’ Another will say, ‘so what will you do after completing school?’ Some tried to console me by saying, ‘oh  don’t worry! You can drop the Chinese after first year!’ I already dropped the Chinese and Sociology in my mind before I started my journey to acquire a degree so I was confident that, after first year, I could boldy mention my course of study when asked (at least, Geography and Resource Development sounds more pleasing to the ear😐)

The feeling is different today! I have completed my undergraduate course with a combined major in Chinese and Sociology, and I am so proud of myself! Today,  I  speak, read and write Chinese fluently (I keep learning every day for improvement…hahaa).

I currently work as a Chinese Translator and I teach Chinese as well. Already, I’ve worked as a Chinese translator for some Chinese and Ghanaian owned institutions and I recently completed my national service as a teaching assistant at the Chinese section of the Modern Languages department of the University of Ghana. I am so proud of myself!

Studying Sociology has also changed my world view of a number of key societal issues. Drop me in any part of this country or overseas and I will survive, thanks to sociology.

Dear friends, do not mock freshmen when they tell you the courses they are reading. Allow students to boldly and enthusiastically approach their fields of study!

Dear Freshman, congratulations on your admission to the university. Study hard, explore your strengths and maximize it!



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