About Akorfa Ama Serwaa

About Me

My name is Akorfa, Akorfa means Solace in the Ewe language. I speak English, Chinese and a little bit of French. 


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About Me

Miss Akorfa Ama Akoto has a over a year’s experience in community development. She speaks English, Chinese and a little bit of French.

She is the founder and leader of Spring-UP Global Network, an NGO that promotes quality education in orphanages and underprivileged schools with special focus on mentorship. She also volunteers with OAK Foundation, where she empowers young women and girls through mentorship and entrepreneurship.

Miss Akorfa is very passionate about children’s development and how fragile childhood is, encourages her to always look out for them.

Akorfa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese and Sociology from the University of Ghana where she gained a scholarship to study at Zhejiang University of Technology for a one year language program.

Akorfa is a Creative Writer, Chinese Language Translator and Instructor, and has special love for fashion brewed in Africa.